IP Cameras

You can find the right camera for any application area here – whether it’s an indoor dome, outdoor dome, mini-tube, tube, PTZ, or fisheye camera.

ABUS IP Cameras
NEW Gecko IP Cameras

Thanks to the full-color day/night function, all IP cameras in the Gecko series deliver rich, high-contrast color images even in the dark. Discreet white light LEDs switch on automatically when required – for a minimum of light.

IP Indoor Dome Cameras

The ABUS IP indoor dome cameras are ideal for 24-hour surveillance. These effective, silent watchmen are inconspicuously and discreetly mounted on the ceiling.

IP Outdoor Dome Cameras

The ABUS IP outdoor dome cameras are suitable for unprotected outdoor areas with their robust design and ensure an inconspicuous surveillance solution. They are available with varifocal or fixed lenses.

IP Mini Tube Cameras

The IP Mini Tube delivers video streams in 4K resolution. With its IP67 housing and integrated IR LEDs, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use by day and night.

IP Tube Cameras

The IP Tube Cameras are designed for universal usage overviewing long distances due to the combination of IP67 weatherproof housing, 50m IR range and a 2.8 mm lens with a horizontal viewing angle of 102°.

IP PTZ Cameras

PTZ stands for “Pan/Tilt/Zoom” which are the functions and benefits of this type of camera, as PTZ dome cameras can be aligned as necessary in the required situation and zoom in on objects of interest. This means even large areas such as parking lots or company premises can be constantly secured at any time of day or night.

IP Fisheye Camera 12 MPx

Part# IPCS24510

360° or 180° panoramic monitoring
The compact, weatherproof 12 megapixel hemispheric outdoor IP dome camera offers an uninterrupted 360° field of vision, opening up new potential applications. It is the ideal camera solution for a wide range of environments, both indoors and outdoors. When mounted on the ceiling, the camera gives the option of monitoring an entire room.