ABUS protects mobile property and offers people products and services for safety on the move. Our portfolio includes bike locks, bike helmets, motorcycle locks, locks for your boat, ATV / quad / snowmobile and trailers.

Brake Disc Locks – Motorcycle

Brake disc locks are a practical solution for many motorbikes. They are very compact, light and thus easy to transport.

Chain Locks

The Lock-chain combination is an excellent choice when it comes to securing your bike.

Coil Cable Locks

The advantages of coil cable locks include convenience, simplicity of transport and the length of the cable. These features make it possible to attach bikes to fixed objects with ease.

Lock – Chain Combinations – Motorcycles

Lock-chain combinations are an excellent choice when it comes to securing motorbikes and scooters.

Special Locks

Securing your motorbike against theft with a good lock is always extremely important. Of course, the same applies to helmets, accessories and garden furniture, for example.


At ABUS, the name Steel-O-Flex stands for cable locks with high flexibility and double security

Steel-O-Flex – Motorcycle

More Flexibility and Extra STRENGTH!

U-Shackle Locks – Motorcycle

Ultra Secure! The U-lock is a classic when it comes to securing motorbikes. Solid materials and no moving parts outside the lock mechanism are an excellent starting point for the strongest resistance possible.

Trailer Security

Secure your trailer by chain. We have the right solution for any application, whatever the security requirements.